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We have worked on real world problems for years. Dealing with uncertainty is our job.

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We have worked with the largest global companies and we belive in systematic workflows.

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We review best practices and come up with innovative solutions for your specific problem.

Automation Brings You Great Results

Let us see how we can help you automate or optimize your existing workflows.

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If using deep learning as black magic solves your problem, great! If not, let’s work together on designing a hybrid solution.

Cloud Computing

Many existing solutions were designed in the era of desktop computers. Let us help you modernize your workflow to make it faster and more cost-effective.

Industrial IoT

Collect data from your manufacturing line. Deploy software to your connected robots. Create a flexible and modular platform.


Use Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) practices such as requirement analysis and simulation to catch the issues earlier.

Code Generation

Automate the coding tasks as much as possible. Automatic mode-based code generation can generate code that can hardly be written manually.

Health Monitoring

Create efficient data analytics tools for predictive maintenance and prognostics by distributing the computations between the cloud and the edge.

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If you are looking for a solution in robotics, industrial IoT, automotive control systems, or applications of machine learning, or if you want to be a partner, contact us.

Toronto, ON